Station Partners is an entrepreneurial private equity firm that makes control investments in support of management teams operating established lower-middle market businesses with outsized potential.

Taking a long-term, value-based, people-first investment approach, the principals of Station invest their own capital, alongside a select group of industry pioneers, executive partners, and investment advisors, all of whom are passionate about building great enterprises.   At Station, we understand that a company’s people and culture are the key to success, and we seek to work with entrepreneurs and management teams who are motivated and incentivized to execute a shared strategic vision alongside an active investor-group.

Station Tenets

For us a successful partnership begins with open, candid and transparent communication with management partners, intermediaries, and advisors alike. Our team exemplifies the highest level of honesty and integrity and that core value must extend to the people with whom we partner. We work hard and smart and trust the spirit of American entrepreneurship — sharing our successes with all stakeholders.

Approach & Process

Through all our investments, we deliver an institutional quality framework grounded in building strong relationships, understanding the strategic and capital requirements of each investment, and the effective and efficient use of data analytics and industry trends. to maximize growth potential and opportunity. Stations underwriting approach is initiated with a top-down look into the macroeconomic trends affecting the business coupled with a bottoms up review of the cultural, strategic, and financial needs of each target investment: the convergence of which results in a strategic road-map post-closing.

Investment Criteria

While Station looks to identify key industry and financial characteristics in each of our investments, the search for target investments starts by identifying sellers, managers, and operators (as the case may be) that are exceptional in their abilities, experienced in their industry, and invested in the future successes of their business.